Release 4.1.0

Features added

  • XDG Basedir support

    config_resolver will now search in the folders/names defined in the `XDG specification`_.

Release 4.0.0

Features added

  • Config versioning support.

    The config files can now have a section meta with the key version. The version is specified in dotted-notation with a major and minor number (f.ex.: version=2.1). Configuration instances take an optional version argument as well. If specified, config_resolver expects the meta.version to be there. It will raise a config_resolver.NoVersionError otherwise. Increments in the major number signify an incompatible change. If the application expectes a different major number than stored in the config file, it will raise a config_resolver.IncompatibleVersion exception. Differences in minor numbers are only logged.


  • The mandatory argument has been dropped! It is now implicitly assumed it the .get method does not specify a default value. Even though “explicit is better than implicit”, this better reflects the behaviour of the core ConfigParser and is more intuitive.
  • Legacy support of old environment variable names has been dropped!
  • Python 3 support.
  • When searching for a file on the current working directory, look for ./.group/app/app.ini instead of simply ./app.ini. This solves a conflict when two modules use config_resolver in the same application.
  • Better logging.

Release 3.3.0

Features added

  • New (optional) argument: require_load. If set to True creating a config instance will raise an error if no appropriate config file is found.
  • New class: SecuredConfig: This class will refuse to load config files which are readable by other users than the owner.


  • Documentation updated/extended.
  • Code cleanup.

Release 3.2.2


  • Unit tests added

Release 3.2.1


  • The “group” name has been prefixed to the names of the environment variables. So, instead of APP_PATH, you can now use GROUP_APP_PATH instead. Not using the GROUP prefix will still work but emit a DeprecationWarning.

Release 3.2

Features added

  • The call to get can now take an optional default value. More details can be found in the docstring.

Release 3.1

Features added

  • It is now possible to extend the search path by prefixing the <APP_NAME>_PATH variable value with a +
  • Changelog added