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config_resolver provides a simple, yet flexible way to provide configuration to your applications. It follows the XDG Base Dir Spec (This instance is based on 0.8 of this spec) for config file locations, and adds additional ways to override config locations. The aims of this package are:

  • Provide a simple API
  • Follow well-known standards for config-file locations
  • Be as close to pure-Python as possible
  • Be framework agnostic
  • Allow custom configutaion types (.ini and .json support is shipped by default)
  • Allow to provide system-wide defaults but allow overriding of values for more specific environments. These are (in increasing order of specificity):
    1. System-wide configuration (potentially requiring root-access to modify)
    2. User-level configuration (for all instances running as that user)
    3. Current Working Directory configuration (for a running instance)
    4. Per-Instance configuration

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